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Sinoway Rapid Impact Hammer Launch

Dynamic hydraulic compactor is a kind of professional compacting equipment which has been developed and applied in recent years. It can be directly installed on Loaders and excavators, and directly borrows the hydraulic power output of excavators and loaders without other power sources. It has simple, fast, reliable connection, good maneuverability, controllability and high efficiency. It is easy to use.

Sinoway Hydraulic tamping machine is mainly used to improve the quality of backfill engineering in highway, bridge and culvert abutment back under construction, and to tamp accurately and quickly at different locations under the traction of mobile devices.

Compared with the traditional tamping equipment and vibratory roller, the fast hydraulic tamping machine has the advantages of high tamping energy and large impact depth, and can obtain more uniform density in a larger depth range. Compared with impact roller, dynamic compactor and other large-scale machinery, it has the outstanding characteristics of flexibility, adaptability, small peak force, high strike frequency and soft action. At the same time. Hydraulic tamping machine is not only suitable for ordinary plane tamping, but also for inclined plane tamping. The tamping energy can be adjusted to meet the tamping requirements of different foundations.

The working principle of high-speed hydraulic tamper is: through the output of hydraulic power of excavator or loader, the built-in tamper is raised to a certain height, the tamper is accelerated to fall under the assistance of its own gravity and hydraulic accumulator, and the high-speed reciprocating motion is realized under the action of hydraulic cylinder, and the ground is continuously hit and tampered.

The external hammer head of hydraulic compactor is always in direct contact with the compacting surface, which can avoid potential danger and debris splash caused by impact falling. Rapid transfer of operation point can be realized by excavator loader.

Hydraulic compactor is suitable for local sections and narrow areas such as abutment back, semi-filling and semi-excavation, local high fill, etc. The vertical deformation of roadbed surface can reach more than 10 cm after reinforcement by this equipment, which can obviously improve the compactness of backfill soil, accelerate the elimination of settlement of backfill in a certain depth range, and effectively improve the quality of backfill engineering.

The application of high-speed hydraulic compactor makes up for the local area, especially in the backfilling of abutment back and culvert side, because the working area is relatively small and the filling shape is irregular, the impact roller can not enter the construction, and the traditional dynamic compaction has too much influence on the surrounding structures of the area to be compacted, resulting in the difficulty of realizing the compaction operation. Potential quality hazards can effectively improve the compaction effect of backfill soil, reduce post-construction settlement, and avoid the occurrence of vehicle bumping at bridge head after opening to traffic.

High-speed hydraulic compactor can be widely used in bridge, small structure and support structure abutment back, which can solve the phenomenon of vehicle bumping at bridge head in Expressway construction, and also can be used in large infrastructure foundation compaction such as oil depot, port, airport, parking lot, and landfill compaction of sanitation garbage and harmful substances. It is also suitable for the compaction of local sections and narrow areas such as half excavation and half filling.


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