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Aluminum Alloy Track Cleats Amphibious Pontoon Undercarriage

Sinoway New generation amphibious undercarriage with aluminum track shoes delivers to Nigerian clients recently. This amphibious pontoons are fitted with CAT320D excavator upper structure, which is similar with Wilco amphibious excavator. These aluminum alloy slippers are made of 6061T6 material, which is more tensile strength than 6060T6 material.

Up to now, Sinoway can offer track cleats with steel, aluminum alloy and the polymer material for our amphibious hydraulic undercarriage to meet different client's request.

With almost 20 years’ experience, Sinoway can provide amphibious excavator, amphibious buggies, swamp dump truck and other customized wetland equipment , which are suitable for swamp, soft terrain, shallow water, river and lake, according to customer's requirement.


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