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SINOWAY Skidder Logging Equipment is on the Market

SINOWAY SWS2500K skidders launch recently. This log skidder is powered by the six-cylinder diesel engine with 240 horse power. The power shift transmission is manual which is reliable and easy to maintain. The hydraulic winch can offer 20-25 ton pulling force. Wet brake system ensures the safety to operate in harsh working condition.

Log skidder is a kind of heavy-duty forestry operation machinery, which is used to pull the cut trees and logs from the cutting site to a platform, where they are further processed or loaded onto the logging truck. Log skidder adopts articulated chassis and four wheel drive which can cross rough terrain area. The front of the skidder is fitted with a cable and winch or a grab attachment, or both, with a short hydraulic boom. And the blade is equipped on the back that can be lifted and lowered by the operator.

SINOWAY SWS250K cable skidder is compact, powerful and high Productivity -- well suited to steep slopes, heavy timber and high value selective logging.


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