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SWIC320 Impact Compactor and SWT360 Tractor Ready to Go

One SINOWAY Impact Compactor together with one Tractor reach at Shanghai warehouse and waiting for loading recently. These machines will deliver to our client in East Africa 40 days later.

Impact compaction roller is a kind of new compaction technology, using a non-circular dual drum structure. During the crushing process, the reverse potential energy generated when the farthest point is in axial contact with the ground is converted into kinetic energy when the nearest point reaches the ground and hits the ground, in addition to the instantaneous release of hydraulic energy, it generally acts on the ground to achieve high compaction.

The hydraulic system of the impact compactor is supplied with oil by the hydraulic circuit of the tractor and connected by a quick connector, which is safe to operate, fast and easy to disassemble on site.

SWIC320 impact rollers can apply to land reclamation, landfills, mine waste tips, pavement reconstruction, and airport and highway construction.

Except for 3-sided impact rollers, we also can offer 5-sided impact rollers and dynamic rapid impact compaction equipment.


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