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Custom Excavator Pontoon Tracks to UK

One brand new customized Sinoway mini amphibious pontoons is completed and will deliver client soon. This pontoon undercarriage is made according to client requirement and suitable for the 3 ton class excavator superstructure.

This amphibious pontoon use proprietary multi-synchronous drive hydraulic motor design to provide superior tracking capability, making the machine virtually undeterred in any soft terrain or waterway. Multi-motors also offers the advantage of redundancy during unforeseen circumstances.

The track shoes/cleats are polymer fabricated and are bolted to utmost precision so as to reduce the weight of the whole amphibious excavator. Also, the grade of polymer we have selected is extremely tough and yet appropriately flexible for its application. It can better retain its shape and is less susceptible to deformation than ferrous based or aluminum alloy. And it is non-corrosive.

The supplementary pontoons are added on each side of main pontoons to boost stability in deeper water operation and hydraulic spud piles attach to supplementary pontoons help to overcome buoyancy effect, it offers added stability and enhanced operability on water up to 2 meters deep.

All our amphibious undercarriages are made with modular design to transport and install easily and convenient with minimum field equipment and manpower in mind, yet without compromising speed and safety.

As a professional excavator floating tracks supplier in China, Sinoway can offer kinds of amphibious pontoons for hydraulic excavator from 3 ton class to 50 ton class.


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