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5-Sided Impact Compactor Roller Delivery

Sinoway SWIC250P impact compactor roller is about to make delivery to client in Malaysia. This pentagon compactor can reach at 25 KJ impact energy and is mainly used in bulk earthwork and crushing of concrete pavement.

The impact energy of the SWIC250P roller is similar to the amplitude of the vibratory roller. The greater the drop, the greater the impact force. With the increase of traction speed, the impact force can reach 300-800 tons.

Pentagon impact drum has a unique effect on the subgrade, and the impact force has a long time, which can transfer enough energy to the deep layer of the subgrade.

Depending on the type of material, the filler can be placed in layers 500 mm to 700 mm thick or more. This makes the output of the five face compactor about 2000 cubic meters per hour and the output of the vibratory roller about 300 cubic meters per hour.

SWIC250P impact roller can be towed by 5 tone loader, crawler tractor or special tractor machine to make impact compaction.

In addition to impact compactor with both 3-sided and 5-sided drum, we can offer clients hydraulic dynamic hammer to meet different project condition.


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