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amphibious excavator

Sinoway amphibious excavator is specially designed for swamp earthmoving applications, with a pair of steel pontoons with several compartments built in as undercarriage, swamp excavator is able to work in soft terrain with much lower ground pressure than normal hydraulic crawler excavators. With special grade material and workmanship, each model of Sinoway amphibious excavator is a trusted piece of equipment that built to last.
Proven in projects like oil and gas industry, pipeline, land reclamation, waterway deepening, delta works, etc., Sinoway team takes every single chance to enhance our swamp buggy excavators'  reputation. Thus we have developed a complete line of swamp excavator from 0.2m3 bucket, up to 1.1m3, with optional for long reach boom amphibious excavator.

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Model Engine Model Rated Power Bucket Capacity Operating Weight
SWEA80 Yanmar 4TNV98T 56.5 kw/76 hp 0.2 m3/0.26 yd3 15000 kg/33069 lb
SWEA150 Isuzu AA-4BG 69 kw/92 hp 0.4 m3/0.52 yd3 20000 kg/44092 lb
SWEA220 Isuzu AA-6BG 106.5 kw/143 hp 0.9 m3/1.18 yd3 30000 kg/66138 lb
SWEA220LB Isuzu CC-6BG 125 kw/167 hp 0.5 m3/0.78 yd3 40000 kg/88184 lb
SWEA260 Isuzu CC-6BG 125 kw/167 hp 1.1 m3/1.43 yd3 42000 kg/92593 lb
SWSC100 Cummins 186 kw/250 hp --/-- 30000 kg/66138 lb
SWSC150 Cummins 240 kw/325 hp --/-- 40000 kg/88184 lb
SWAD600 Cummins 132 kw/178 hp --/-- 18000 kg/39682 lb